Finally…. A revolutionary new online broadcasting course that provides you radio broadcasting training – at home – for less than the cost of a smartphone.

Introducing … From Broadcasters Mentoring Group

Attention aspiring broadcasters, podcasters, and Internet radio hosts: It’s pretty much agreed that professional broadcasting is a dream job. But it’s also agreed that you’ll likely never score a highly paid on-air broadcasting job without assistance received from a broadcasting course or professional radio broadcasting training along the way.

The Broadcasters and Sportscasters Mentoring Group has been providing aspiring broadcasters – just like you – with professional radio broadcasting training for years in local radio stations, under the watchful eye of a professional broadcaster who serves as their mentor-instructor.

Now, for the first time ever through this online broadcasting course, some of that same professional radio broadcasting training that upper-level radio manage utilizes to train their own paid talent is being brought directly to you at a fraction of the time and monetary investment an in-station apprenticeship would require of you.

Podcasters and Internet Radio Hosts Need Training Too

These days, the competition is fierce for the time and attention of a listening audience. Many successful podcasters and internet radio hosts clearly understand the value of professionalizing their presentations in order to gain a competitive advantage – and so should you.

The good news is this online broadcasting course enables you to present a high-quality broadcast, which automatically gives you an advantage over your untrained and often times amateurish competition. That competitive advantage often times translates to increased revenue from sponsorship and advertising sales, simply because more people will the interested in your topic of discussion, as long as it’s professionally presented.

What is

Broadcasting Bootcamp is an online broadcasting course that provides professional radio broadcasting training that you utilize right at home.

How is that possible? Thank technology.

Until now, learning to broadcast meant hours in a professional studio. But that’s changed radically with the advent of the Internet. Now anyone, anywhere, can create a radio show, send it worldwide via the internet, all while often using just a mic and a computer to do so.

Podcasting and Internet radio as a Practice Field

Many folks use podcasting and Internet radio as an end in itself, sending their thoughts worldwide. That’s perfectly fine if that’s the goal. But at BMG, we believe podcasting and Internet radio have an equally valuable, yet untapped alternate benefit: It’s an ideal practice field for would-be broadcasters looking to eventually land on more traditional airwaves.

In other words, the Internet serves as a GREAT starting point to begin your journey into the broadcasting industry. But it’s just a vehicle from which to deliver your message. You’ll still require the necessary broadcasting skills that are capable of attracting, informing, and entertaining listeners.

Want proof that the lack of professional radio broadcasting skills can be harmful to your hopes of ever attracting an audience? Listen to some of the podcasts out there. They’re halting and amateurish and unlikely to ever hold and attract an audience, advertisers, or sponsors, much less launch their creators into a broadcasting career.

That’s where Broadcasting Bootcamp comes in.

It’s an intensive training regimen, using podcasting and Internet radio as its learning medium, which you can do right at home to bring your bbroadcast up to professional standards in as little as 30 days. Here are the answers to some questions we’ve been asked about this revolutionary new program:

Who’s behind

The program has been created by the industry leader in utilizing the mentor/apprentice model for learning professional broadcasting skills, Broadcasters Mentoring Group (BMG).

BMG Founder – Michael Madden

Michael Madden is the founder of Broadcasters Mentoring Group and Sportscasters Mentoring Group. His organization utilizes working broadcasters and sportscasters throughout the US to train aspiring broadcasters in radio stations nearby the student.

Utilizing the access gained in these relationships, Madden has recruited on-air talent and executives who’ve served on ESPN, Cumulus, Westwood One, Fox Sports, and other leading media outlets, to guide and instruct you in this online broadcasting course.

Through their personal guidance and instruction, you’ll learn to use the most effective “equipment” you’ve got … your voice and your mind … to create broadcasts  that meet professional broadcast standards in both content and presentation, which can then be used as demos to land the broadcasting job of your dreams.

How is the Program Delivered?

The entire Broadcasting Bootcamp broadcasting course is available behind a password protected site via streaming video and audio that can be accessed on any mobile device or PC.

What you’ll be learning includes such topics as

  • How to earn income from your broadcast, podcast, or Internet radio show?
  • What makes a show host great and in-demand?
  • The art of storytelling to captivate an audience.
  • Developing a topic and personal style.
  • How to interview guests better than many pros?
  • 4 proven techniques to land that first job…and much more

When will I do my First Broadcast?

Right away! The program is designed to have you create not just one, but your first two episodes, within the first 30 days. The program’s creators refer to it as a “30 day blueprint for brodcasting success.”

What if all you Want to do is Podcasting or Internet Talk Show Hosting?

Even if you choose not to work toward on-air broadcasting, The Broadcasting Bootcamp online broadcasting school is equally effective in helping you win in the internet space. A professionally done program commands attention and listener loyalty, no matter where you and your audience find each other.

What’s The Cost And Length Of The Program?

That’s some of the best news: Ordinary online broadcast training programs can cost upwards of $12,000. And traditional brick and mortar broadcasting schools can cost twice that…But the total cost of attending BMG’s Broadcasting Bootcamp is just $497.

Don’t confuse low cost with low-quality, though. The proprietary training materials you receive were created by top level industry professionals in the broadcasting field. The training material includes the exact same information they use to train their own paid on air talent.

The cost is so reasonable because the Broadcasting Boot camp is a home study broadcasting course which enables you to go at your own pace, with an emphasis on motivating you to host your first show within the first 30 to 60 days.

Get Started Today!

Isn’t it time you took that first step toward a new career or made major improvements in your current broadcast medium? Especially when it’s now been made so quick, affordable, and easy to do?

The price is low, your improved performance virtually guaranteed, and the feeling you’ll get by taking action to get started now – priceless.

Order our Broadcasting Bootcamp broadcasting course today and take the first step towards becoming the broadcaster you’ve always dreamed about becoming!

Here’s Some Of What You Will Learn During Your Broadcasting Bootcamp

  • Why you want to become a great on air personality instead of a regular show host
  • How to interview guests better than many of the pros
  • Why using the Topic Tree formula will enable you to break down and develop any topic
  • What’s required to monetize your broadcasts/ podcasts and find advertisers and sponsors
  • Secrets to attracting and growing your audience
  • Where and how to distribute your broadcast/ podcast
  • What equipment is needed (if any)
  • Costs and best equipment to use (special focus on selecting the best microphone)
  • Tools and rules of internet talk show hosting
  • How to make the leap from podcasting into broadcasting

… and much more!



Module 1

How To Conduct An Interview Better Than Most Pros

Larry Gifford, BMG/SMG Dir. of Education, Radio Consultant, Talent Coach

In these seven separate instructional videos, you will discover…

  • Seven journalistic basics of asking riveting questions
  • How to get guests to say more than they ever thought they would
  • 7 proven methods to get more thoughtful, honest, and insightful responses
  • Why these 7 common deadly sins sabotage any interview
  • How interviewees react to poorly crafted questions… and much more!

Video length: 2 hrs 37 min. Includes seven separate PDF’s with instructional exercises.

Fast Facts About
Podcasting’s Explosive Growth

  • Over 3 billion Podcasts were downloaded in 2015.
  • In 2014, 63% were requested from mobile devices – up from 43% in 2012
  • Over 77 million Americans have listened to a Podcast
  • 17% of Americans over the age of 12 listened to a Podcast in the last month
  • 49% of Americans are aware of what a Podcast is – More than twice as many as in 2006 (Pew Research)

Module 2

The Art of Storytelling to Captivate Your Audience

Larry Gifford, BMG Dir. of Education, Radio Consultant, Talent Coach

In this instructional video, you will discover…

  • How to become a great show host through artful storytelling
  • Why listeners learn faster and increase retention through storytelling
  • How to develop your storytelling skills
  • How stories increase your trustworthiness, credibility, and believability
  • 13 traits that comprise great stories… and much more!

Video length: 29:37. Includes PDF with instructional exercises.

Module 3

Proven Methods to Create & Monetize a Podcast

Cliff Ravenscraft, Podcast Answer Man

In this detailed, step-by-step how to interview, you will discover…

  • The rarely used methods Cliff uses to earn over $500,000 annually… and with no sponsors!
  • What a Podcast is and how to create one
  • How to build and grow a loyal listening audience from scratch
  • Where to have your Podcast discovered to make it go viral
  • The best no and low-cost equipment to get started
  • Insights gained after producing over 3,400 Podcasts

Most important advice to newcomers to help you succeed… and much more!

Audio length: 48:14.

Module 4

Developing Your
On-Air Style

Bruce Gilbert SVP Sports Cumulus & Westwood One

In this video seminar presentation, you will discover…

  • How to obtain a superstar, memorable, ratings-grabbing PERSONALITY
  • How to ascend beyond show host to on-air personality
  • What makes a talk show work
  • Qualities of a successful on air personality
  • Pronunciation guide by Dave Ross (Audio 5:37)
  • Voice inflection exercises for captivating audiences (Audio 4:56)

Video length: 19:57

Module 5

How Not to Get a Job in Broadcasting

Larry Gifford, BMG/SMG Dir. of Education, Radio Consultant, Talent Coach

In this video seminar presentation, you will discover…

  • 12 proven tactics to landing the broadcasting job of your dreams
  • How hiring managers prefer receiving your tape and resume
  • 3 questions to expect in the job interview
  • Best and worst practices in the job interview
  • Cover letter do’s and don’ts
  • 9 insider tips to ensure your success

Video length: 55 min

Module 6

How to Create a Podcast or Broadcast Using Audacity

Larry Gifford, BMG/SMG Dir. of Education, Radio Consultant, Talent Coach

In this video tutorial, you will discover…

  • Clear instructions for downloading Audacity
  • How to use the Audacity tools
  • Step-by-step instructions for recording your talk show
  • How to edit your broadcast or Podcast
  • Putting on the final touches

Video length: 29:40. Includes PDF with instructional exercises.

Module 7

How to Choose, Develop and Expand your Topic using the Topic Tree

Larry Gifford, BMG/SMG Dir. of Education, Radio Consultant, Talent Coach

In this instructional video, you will discover…

  • How the pros prepare a topic using the TOPIC TREE
  • How to know what to talk about
  • What to do with the story to develop it
  • How to present angles of a story your listeners never considered
  • How to discover the hot button issues within your topic
  • And much more…

Video length: 29 min

Bonus Offer!

  • $750 discount when you upgrade to either the six month BMG Radio Broadcasting or the SMG Sports Broadcasting apprenticeship training programs.
  • Learn How To Podcast 101 – 7 Video Tutorials
    • An Overview of How Podcasting Works
    • How To Create A Podcast In Under 20 Minutes
    • Podcast Equipment Options
    • Website & Media Hosting Recommendations
    • Tagging Your .MP3 Files
    • How To Properly Set Up A Podcast RSS Feed
    • A Proven Podcast Production Workflow


  • Host Your Own Show Within 30 Days
  • Create A Separate Revenue Stream
  • Develop Professional Broadcasting Skills
  • Interact With Instructors And Fellow Bootcampers
  • Never Be Left On Your Own To Figure Things Out